BJP redefining religion; dictating women what to wear: Priyanka


Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Monday accused the BJP of trying to redefine religion and dictating women what to wear in India.

Speaking at an election rally in the St Cruz assembly constituency in North Goa, Vadra also accused the Trinamool Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party of trying to split the anti-BJP vote, adding that the two parties had come to Goa from outside the state only to fulfill their own ambitions of expanding it across the country.

“…we believe that the conversation between us has to be about development. It has to be about progress. It has to be about education, health, jobs, and women’s safety. This is the conversation that should take place. It should not be a conversation filled with negativity in which one ideology is telling women what to wear,” Vadra said.

The Congress leader’s comment comes days after hijab-wearing students were debarred from entering an educational institute in Karnataka.

“It is telling you that you should fight amongst yourselves. It is redefining your religions for you. That is not what it should be. The conversation in every election, with every political party, must be on what they are going to provide for you and your development,” Vadra said.

The Congress leader also trained her guns at the political parties like the AAP and TMC, who are participating in the February 14 assembly polls, accusing them of dividing the anti-BJP vote.

“No other party can give you this (stability). The AAP and the TMC cannot give you a stable government. They cannot provide for you what is required today in Goa. They have come from outside, they have come here to expand their party. They have not come here to make Goa progress,” she said.

“Because all the parties have come to destabilise your governments, those that come from outside, cannot run Goa. When you vote for smaller parties you split the vote. By splitting the vote, you create instability. So please make sure in this election, that you have a clear choice…” she said.



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