BJP ruling country by making the Opposition weak: RJD leader


Rashtriya Janata Dal state president Jagadanand Singh claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party is not ruling on the basis of good governance but by making the opposition weak to show it is stronger.

Singh said that the BJP government is framing opposition leaders through government agencies and marking them guilty but if they join the BJP they get a clean chit.

“They (BJP) involved Congress president Sonia Gandhi in an old case (National Herald). Similarly, the Supreme Court has admitted that Lalu Prasad Yadav has no money, still they are dragging in an old case. The leaders of the BJP have become habitual of going against the Constitution of the country for political vendetta against opposition parties,” Singh said.

“They called people of the minority community rioters and held them guilty in the Gujarat riots,” Singh said.

“Due to the political vendetta against opposition leaders, a party like the Congress is consolidating its position in a number of states. It is trying to stand on its own feet and turning out to be a strong opposition party in the country,” Singh said.

“When it comes to caste based census, they claim that it creates differences in the society and when it comes to recruitment of Agniveers, they are demanding caste certificates. The idea is to remove them from the job after four years on the basis of caste,” Singh said.



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