BJP starts verification of booth committees in Uttarakhand


To strengthen its booth management ahead of next year’s assembly polls, the Uttarakhand BJP has started verification of its booth committees across the state.

The BJP Uttarakhand has launched ‘Booth Satyapan Abhiyan’ (booth verification campaign) to verify the existence of the booth committees.

The saffron party has directed its state units specially the poll bound ones to form a committee of party workers at each polling booth. The booth committee consists of women, youth, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Ex-service men, Other Backward Caste and other sections of the society.

Now, the BJP has started the verification drive to check whether the booth committees are formed or not.

A senior party functionary said that verification work is assigned from senior party leaders to ground workers. A group of three leaders complete the verification process of the booth committee which include a verifier appointed by party leadership, booth president and block in-charge or president.

Party insiders said that despite repeated and clear instructions from leadership, the process of forming booth committees is not yet completed. “In many places, the committees only exist on papers or records of members that do not match. So the party leadership has decided to verify all the booth committees across the state in a special drive and it will be completed soon,” he said.

Another senior leader explained, the physical verification of each booth has been done and a report will be sent to the state leadership. “The panel of party leaders is holding meetings at booths and verification is expected to be completed soon. There are several members, who are not very active or those who changed their phone numbers, which are now being updated. At many places the mandatory 21 member committee has not been formed yet. These are things which are verified during the ‘Booth Satyapan Abhiyan’ in Uttarakhand,” he said.

Another senior party leader in the state said, “This drive will help us identify energetic and active workers.