BJP to bring back leaders who deserted the party in Himachal

Ahead of the year-end Himachal Pradesh assembly polls, the BJP is trying to bring back leaders who deserted the party in recent times.

The BJP is also trying to convince disgruntled leaders to stay in the party.

Earlier in a strong message to deserters and rebels, the BJP had said that they would not be allowed to re-join the party.

However, to consolidate its position and strengthen the party, the BJP has started inducting those who left the party.

The BJP had allowed re-joining of rebel leaders Urmil Thakur, Chetan Bragta, and Rakesh Chaudhary, who left the party over denial of tickets.

A senior party functionary said that everyone who is ready to follow the party ideology and serve the people of Himachal Pradesh under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be, after proper consideration, allowed to re-join the party.

“If leaders who once left the party are interested in joining back, they will consider their request and take appropriate decisions accordingly. Definitely they will strengthen the party,” a senior BJP functionary said.

The BJP state leadership also asked its leaders to identify disgruntled ones, who could be targeted by the opposition camp, and convince them to stay in the party.

“…there are few people who are not happy with the state of affairs in the Himachal BJP and some other reasons. Party leaders have been directed to identify such leaders and address their grievances, and convince them to stay in the party,” another senior party leader said.

Retaining power in Himachal Pradesh for a second consecutive term is important for the BJP as it is the home state of party chief J.P. Nadda.

In last year by-polls of three assembly seats, the Congress won all three Fatehpur, Jubbal-Kotkhai and Arki assembly seats in Himachal Pradesh.

Congress has also won the Mandi Lok Sabha constituency in the by-polls.

A senior leader pointed out that everyone is important and the party is focusing on keeping everyone together or bringing back those who left earlier.

The 68-member Himachal Pradesh assembly will be held along with Gujarat at the end of year. The BJP formed the government in Himachal Pradesh by winning 44 seats in the 2017 state Assembly.




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