BJP trying to sneak in through backdoor in Puducherry: DMK

Tamil Nadu Minister and senior DMK leader Durai Murugan on Wednesday questioned the BJP’s central leadership and the Union government for nominating three MLAs to the Puducherry Assembly without consulting the Chief Minister.

In a statement here, he said that the people of Puducherry are “sceptical of the BJP’s sinister design to sneak through the backdoor to enjoy power in Puducherry” and urged the BJP and the Union government not to indulge in such acts and to work for the welfare of the people “instead of such petty political games”.

“The newly-elected Chief Minister of Puducherry, N. Rangasamy is admitted to hospital for Covid-19 treatment and this move of the central BJP and Central government without consulting the Chief Minister of their alliance will undermine the new government’s efficiency and pull down the government,” Durai Murugan claimed.

He called upon the Central government to reverse its decision on the nominated MLAs and “forgo its attempt to create an unsafe environment for the newly-elected government in the state”.

“This is not proper way to handle things… the Central government should work for the welfare of the people during this time of crisis and not to indulge in playing politics when the world is staring at a pandemic. The Chief Minister of Puducherry is under treatment for Covid-19 and without taking him into confidence, how can they do this,” Durai Murugan told IANS.