BJP youth wing begins ‘Bharat Darshan’ programme for its workers


With aim to introduce its workers to the country’s cultural diversity and tradition, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) has started ‘Bharat Darshan Sushasan Yatra’ for its ground level workers.

First batch of about 30 ‘mandal’ and district level workers of the BJYM from North and Northeast are on a four-day tour to Karnataka. Next batch of the BJYM workers from other states of the country will likely visit Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and other states. Through the ‘Bharat Darshan’ programme, the BJYM workers are introduced to the country’s cultural diversity, traditions and historical richness by experiential tours to different places.

The BJYM functionaries will also get an opportunity to visit the biggest developmental projects of the various states of the country, see places of historical significance and engage in discussions with startups, entrepreneurs, cottage industries and farmer organisations. This will help the BJYM cadres experience and understand the unity in diversity of our country.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah launched the campaign on Friday in Bengaluru. During the four day visit to Karnataka, the BJYM workers will get to experience the state’s rich culture through touring historical sites and startups to understand the city’s startup spirit and draw inspiration from their journeys.

BJYM national president and Lok Sabha member, Tejasvi Surya said: “Bharat is much more than a geographical region. It is a fusion of emotions, cultures and millions of people with diverse traditions and sentiments. To serve the country in the true sense, it is very important to understand and feel our country first.”

National media in-charge of BJYM, Amandeep Singh said that each group will consist of 15 to 30 BJYM workers from mandal and district level. “Regular visits of the BJYM workers at the ground level will be held and in every group new workers will get the opportunity to learn about the rich culture and heritage of the country,” Singh said.



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