BJP’s Gaurav Bhatia, AAP’s Bhardwaj join issue over Delhi schools inspection

A heated argument erupted between the AAP’s Saurabh Bhardwaj and the BJP’s Gaurav Bhatia on Wednesday when the saffron party spokesperson came to inspect the new government schools.

Both the parties spokespersons shared the videos of the verbal confrontation claiming their own narrates.

“As promised, I have reached at KautilyaA school at 11 PM to get the list of 500 new schools from AAP spokesperson.

“The spokesperson did not give the list even after asking for the list many times. Also, he claimed old school as his own party constructed one. Their lying has been caught. See the education model of fanatical dishonest Arvind Kejriwal”, Bhatia said while sharing the video.

In the second tweet, Bhatia again posted the video and claimed that the first school the AAP spokesperson visited was the old one and the second school is under construction which has already been accepted by the AAP leader.

“Arvind Kejriwal ji, make the list of 500 new schools public, the world will see whether it is in existence or not and in what condition. Why are you running away from listing? You promised in the manifesto”, he said in another tweet.

However, Saurabh Bhardwaj claimed that Bhatia did not even enter the school campus and left after scrutinising it from outside.

Bhardwaj also posted a video where he claimed that Gaurav Bhatia did not even enter the school campus but left after scrutinising from outside.

“Despite repeated requests to stay, he did not go inside the school and ran away. We told them that we have to see 498 more schools now, but they did not agree and ran away”, claimed Bhardwaj while posting the video.




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