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BJP’s Meghalaya ally opposes UCC; against idea of India, says CM Sangma

Even though the top brass of BJP is strongly pushing for the implementation of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the country, its ally in Meghalaya, National People’s Party (NPP) has echoed strong resentment against the enforcement of the act.

Conrad Sangma-led coalition government, in which BJP is also a partner, has clearly said: “Meghalaya will not allow the UCC to be implemented in the hilly state.

Meghalaya Chief MinisterSangma said, “India is a diverse country, and diversity is our strength. Our party’s view as of now is that the concept of UCC, is against the actual idea of India itself.”

According to Sangma, the Northeast has a distinctive culture and society and wants to keep it that way. Sangma used his own state as an illustration, stating, “We are a matrilineal society, for example, and that has been our strength and what our culture has been. That is now unchangeable for us.”

However, the NPP leader stated that without viewing the exact text of the UCC draft, it would be difficult to get into details.

He said, “Of course, we have no idea what kind of law, if any, will be introduced. It will be challenging to provide specifics without first viewing the draft’s real content,” he continued.

“As a political party, we want northeast’s unique culture to stay and not to be tampered with,” Sangma remarked.

“I have been told that the UCC’s implementation won’t impact Scheduled Tribe or tribal regions,” Sangma claimed.

He indicated that there is ongoing debate regarding a move on the side of the Centre to execute it and that they have all been talking about the UCC.

“As a political person and as a tribal citizen, I am deeply concerned with the UCC,” Sangma said.

Ampareen Lyngdoh, Law Minister and spokesman of the NPP-led government, said: “We as a state, as you heard the chief minister’s comment, are firm on this matter, and we shall not be a party to allowing UCC to be operational in the state of Meghalaya.”

Lyngdoh claimed that there is no information yet on whether the state government would be requested to give its opinions over the UCC or not.

The minister also said that statements about the UCC’s implementation have been made by national leaders as the elections are being held in some states.

Meanwhile, the Meghalaya BJP leader Bernard M. Marak stated the Northeastern states’ tribal groups should not be concerned about the UCC because it is intended for general areas, not tribal areas.

Marak claimed that because the specific constitutional provisions of northeast were never taught to the tribal people in schools and universities, the majority of the leaders are still unaware of the truth.

According to him, the UCC only applies to general areas; tribal areas won’t be impacted.

“The UCC will not have an impact on tribal lands that are protected by specific Constitutional clauses,” Marak said.



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