BKU meeting on May 29 to discuss rifts, other issues


The Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) that played a key role during the farmers’ agitation against the now repealed three agriculture laws, and rose as an influential force in the process, also had to deal with internal bickering that eventually went on to cause a split.

The organisation’s leaders, however, did not come out in the open to express their differences then as it would have weakened the farmers movement.

Both brothers — Rakesh Tikait and Naresh Tikait — have been accused of drifting away from the ideology of late Chaudhary Mahendra Singh Tikait due to which the famers are “facing problems”. At the same time, some leaders of the BKU as well as the Khap Chaudharies (leaders) have accused the government of “creating troubles” to split the BKU into two.

Meanwhile, some Khap leaders have also expressed displeasure with the Gathwala Khap.

Keeping all this in mind, an all-Khap meeting has been called on May 29 by Rakesh and Naresh Tikait to discuss all the differences and issues — especially the glaring ones, including the subject of centralisation in the BKU.

Besides, a new strategy is also likely to be worked out to strengthen the BKU with the aim to avoid any such (current) differences from surfacing in the future.

The BKU is also expected to form a committee at the district level that would appoint the presidents, and also honour the people working for the organisation.

Some BKU leaders are of the opinion that those who have worked and struggled for the organisation have not been given “proper respect”, and that is being touted as one of the reasons behind the growing anger towards the BKU during the movement, and its eventual split into two groups.

There is another stream of thought in the BKU that wants the party to contest Assembly elections. However, keeping the previous track record in mind, some “serious doubts” were expressed.

On May 14, some of the upset leaders met the party’s National Spokesperson Naresh Tikait. In the closed-door meeting, the message was conveyed to Tikait that some people want to part ways with the organisation. However, Tikait had appealed to them not to come up with any “new group”.

A consensus was reached during the meeting on May 14 that an announcement on the BKU splitting into two would not be made on May 15, and a meeting would be held again after a week to find a solution to the issue. However, on May 15, in a sudden late night development, the split finally happened, and the organisation ceased to remain one single unit.

According to some sources, some people still want the organisation to remain one. The meeting on May 29 is deemed crucial keeping all these factors, issues and differences in mind.



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