BKU Panchayat against cow shelter in UP’s Muzaffarnagar

Farmers protesting against the construction of the state’s first cow sanctuary in the Megha Chandan village of Muzaffarnagar district, have called for a panchayat on Sunday.

The farmers have convened the panchayat to seek guidance for continuing the protest to protect their land.

The state government has approved the project, which was initiated by Union minister and MP from Muzaffarnagar Sanjeev Baliyan.

The proposed cow sanctuary in the village will provide shelter to over 5,000 cows.

Sanjeev Baliyan said that the project was the first of its kind and accused his opponents for deliberately creating hurdles to ruin it.

The minister claimed that the proposed land for the sanctuary belonged to the government as per records. Years ago, it was given to a few farmers by the then gram pradhans in violation of rules.

“Only those lands are being acquired which belong to the government as per the revenue record,” said Baliyan.

However, Bhartiya Kisan Union’s (BKU) Muzaffarnagar unit president Yogesh Sharma claimed that many farmers had proof of a legal registry of the land, so they were protesting against officials’ attempt to acquire their land.

Sharma said that the officials could construct multiple ‘gaushalas’ (cow shelters) in the district on the government land, but they would not be allowed acquisition of farmers’ land without consent.




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