Blow conch shells to keep Covid at bay: Yoga experts


Yoga experts are now advising people to blow conch shells in order to strengthen the respiratory system.

The age-old practice of blowing conch shells, known as ‘shankh’, after prayers, is said to help in fighting Covid by enhancing the lung power. Yoga expert, Ratan Sinha of Prayagraj, said, “Blowing a conch shell is a part of Hindu and Buddhist tradition. Our elders blew the ‘shankh’ regularly and their lungs were strong. They rarely suffered from respiratory problems. On Sinha’s advice, people in three Lucknow neighbourhoods at Stanley Road, Darbhanga and Civil Lines area have started blowing conch shells on a regular basis.

“At 6.a.m every day, we start blowing the ‘shankh’ in our houses and everyone joins in form the confines of their homes. Since we cannot go out for morning walk, this gives us a sense of unity as well. Even the children are now taking interest and blowing the ‘shankh’,” said G.P. Singh, an octogenarian who lives on Stanley Road.

He insisted that the blowing of conch shells also dispels all the negative energy in the surroundings.

A Lucknow resident, Sameer Khanna, said, “While performing yoga, each and every group member blows conch shells for at least five minutes every day. As Covid affects the respiratory system, blowing conch shells is a good way to strengthen the lungs and increase their capacity.”

The members of the group admit that there is no scientific evidence to prove that blowing conch shells helps prevent Covid-19 but they say it definitely helps one in lung exercise.

“We started practicing blowing conch shells since April and are continuing our exercise to strengthen the lungs. We feel better and more positive,” said Khanna.

Group members also train each other on the right method of blowing conch shells and share its benefits.

Interestingly, women are also practicing blowing conch shells at their homes. They say that the sound of ‘shankh’ purifies the atmosphere at home.