Boiling Over: Hostilities on the rise in Noida housing societies

Several incidents of violence against security guards at residential societies have come to light in recent times. In the past few months, about eight to 10 such cases were reported from Noida itself, of fights over minor issues.

According to the police, in most of the incidents, the dispute was for entering the society and in 90 per cent of the cases, people grew violent just because they have to wait a few minutes.

In such cases, when the video of the incident goes viral on the internet, the police take action, and the guilty in the case can face jail terms.

In several videos related to such incidents, women can be seen abusing the guards and even beating them up too.

On August 21, a video went viral on social media in which a woman was seen abusing a guard in a Noida society. His only fault was a delay of a few minutes in opening the gate of the society

On September 11, a similar case again came to light. This time, a woman abused and thrashed the guard as he was late in opening the gate of the society.

In another such incident, on October 8, some girls allegedly under the influence of alcohol misbehaved with a society guard and thrashed him. The video of the incident also went viral on social media, after which the police took action and arrested the accused.

*What do psychiatrists say

Psychiatrist Dr Ruchi Sharma told IANS that in such cases, it is seen that people lose their patience at the slightest thing and after losing their temper, they abuse or beat people. She further said that it has often been seen that due to work or home related stress, people immediately get angry even over minor things.

Providing a remedy, she said that if someone is getting very angry about something, then he or she should take a long breath several times to calm themselves down for a while. “Forget everything, relax and drink some water,” she suggested.

*What do police officers say

Noida’s Additional DCP Ashutosh Dwivedi told IANS that whenever such cases come to the police, they take immediate action and register a case against the accused, following which the culprit has to face jail.

He said that in most of the cases, the victim does not complain. The cases are registered by the police taking suo motu cognizance after video of such incidents get viral on social media.

Of all the cases he has seen so far, mostly the fault lies with those who try to enter the society hastily and when there is any delay from the guard’s end, then their anger explodes.

The official asserted that if dealt with little patience and calmness, then such cases will come down significantly.

In such cases, challan under Section 151 is issued and action is taken to send the culprit to jail. However, in absence of strict laws, getting bail is very easy task in such cases.




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