Bollywood producers unite to stop ‘bullying’ by trade unions


Five leading associations of film producers have united under one umbrella called the Media and Entertainment Producers Coordination Committee (MEPCC) to ‘fight’ against what they describe as the ‘bullying tactics’ of trade unions.

They have formed an action committee to ensure compliance with the directions of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) and the Labour Commissioner of Maharashtra.

Trade unions, according to the MEPCC, used to force producers to employ only their members, but the Labour Commissioner has ruled against it. Visits by the ‘vigilance officers’ of the unions on the sets have also been stopped under the Labour Commissioner’s orders.

The MEPCC has decided to ensure the protection of all producers making entertainment content. They can now do their work, the MEPCC said, without any tension, for if the trade unions tried to cause any disturbance or disruption, they would be provided protection by the Maharashtra government and its police machinery.

The MEPCC has also decided to set in motion a new method of recruitment of workers to combat “unfair labour practices” and “extortion” by trade unions.