Bolo updates list of Canada’s most wanted fugitives

Bolo Program Director Max Langlois was joined by BC RCMP Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald in revealing the first update to the Top 25 list — a unique initiative that brings together information about Most Wanted suspects from across the country. Toronto Police Homicide Inspector Hank Idsinga was also at the conference to discuss the seven suspects wanted by Toronto Police.

“This is the first update of the Top 25 list since its launch in Toronto in April 2022. Six suspects from the original Top 25 were located between April and October, including the #1 suspect — Abilaziz Mohamed, wanted for murder by the Toronto Police Service — who was apprehended within 12 hours of the Top 25 launch,” said BOLO Program Directo Max Langlois. “This first update of our Top 25 is part of our commitment to encourage Canadians to be on the lookout for Canada’s most wanted, and to make our communities safer.”

The term ‘BOLO’, which stands for “be on the lookout,” is commonly used to designate actively wanted suspects.

Among the seven suspects wanted by Toronto police is Harry Rajkumar. Number 16 on the Bolo list, Rajkumar is wanted for attempted murder  in connection with a violent attack on a 16-year-old girl and her mother inside a Scarborough apartment in November 2018.

The girl was found in life-threatening condition, without vital signs and with stab wounds to her upper body, while her mother was in serious but non-life-threatening condition with a head injury. By the next day, the girl’s condition had improved slightly, but she suffered from “significant stab and slash wounds,” police said at the time.

A reward of up to $250,000 was announced Tuesday by the Bolo Program for the most wanted fugitive Rabih Alkhalil, who escaped from the North Fraser Pretrial Centre last July. At the time of his escape, he was standing trial for a 2012 murder at a downtown Vancouver restaurant. He has since been convicted of first-degree murder in that case.

Alkhalil was already serving sentences for orchestrating the murder of Johnnie Raposo in a Little Italy cafe in 2012 in Toronto, and for his part in a major drug trafficking operation in Quebec. 

Several other suspects on the updated Top 25 list are connected to rewards of up to $100,000 and $50,000, including three of the seven wanted by Toronto Police.



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