Boris Johnson under pressure as more MPs call for resignation

A fresh wave of Conservative MPs have submitted letters of no confidence in Boris Johnson, breaking cover to criticise the UK Prime Minister as the fallout from the Downing Street parties scandal continued to imperil his premiership, The Guardian reported.

The parties allegedly took place between March 28, 2020 and May 17, 2021.

In a sign that Johnson’s position is still under threat despite No 10’s desperate attempts to move on from the crisis, three more MPs publicly called on the prime minister to resign, describing their shock and anger at Johnson’s conduct since the publication of the interim report.

The Guardian has been told of one other backbench MP who has privately submitted a letter.

Several MPs loyal to Johnson said they were convinced there was now a renewed co-ordinated effort to oust Johnson, given the timing of the announcements.

Penny Mordaunt, the trade minister and a former defence secretary, became one of the most senior members of the government to strike a critical tone about the Downing Street parties in a letter to a constituent, the report said.

Mordaunt, who is considered a dark horse leadership candidate if there were to be a contest, told a member of the public she wanted assurances about the “competence and integrity” of Downing Street.

She wrote: “Like you I am shocked at the stupidity of what has taken place against a backdrop of sacrifice and discipline from the country. As well as the issues Gray is looking at, I want to be assured of proper oversight, competence and integrity in how Downing Street is operating. It is critical to a functioning government and the trust of the public.”




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