Both Shaheer and Hiba treat me as if I’m the apple of their eyes: Vaishnavi Ganatra


Actress Vaishnavi Ganatra, who is currently seen as Priya in Rajan Shahi’s ‘Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’, is not just the youngest in the show, but the youngest on the sets as well.

No wonder, her co-actors, especially Hiba Nawab and Shaheer Sheikh, pamper her so much.

Heaping praises on Shaheer, who plays Krishna ‘Kanha’ Chaudhary in the show, and Hiba, who is seen as Sayuri Sharma, Vaishnavi further said: “Both Shaheer and Hiba treat me as if I’m the apple of their eyes. They pamper me so much. Apart from that, both of them crack tons of jokes all the time – sometimes I feel like my jaw is going to fall off because of how hard we laugh. These guys never let me feel like I am too young, in fact they act like my age around me and make me feel involved all the time which is such a sweet gesture!”

“We keep pulling pranks on each other and make funny videos of each other all the time! It’s hilarious! The way they pull-off crazy things on the spot is amazing and I keep capturing all these precious moments on my phone so that we can laugh about it later. It is a blessing that this Albelaa-Albeli jodi has come into my life!” she added.

Since the name of the show is ‘Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’, we asked her who is the most albelaa-character on the sets (off the camera), Vaishnavi said: “Honestly, this is a very difficult question to answer because all of us have bonded extremely well that I may fall short of words to explain, touchwood. I actually feel like I am shooting with my family members and as if I have known them since ages! Actually, all of us are the Albelaas and Albelis of the set. But if I have to take names, I would definitely say, the ‘Albelaa’ himself (Kanha) and also his Albeli aka Sayuri Sharma.”



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