Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Brahmanandam wraps up key 15-day schedule of ‘Kannappa’ in New Zealand

Telugu cinema legend, Brahmanandam, who has appeared in more than 1,000 films, has wrapped up a crucial 15-day shooting schedule of the upcoming film ‘Kannappa’ in New Zealand.

The veteran actor plays a pivotal role, injecting his trademark charm into a character in the film directed by Mukesh Kumar Singh.

Remarkably, all the scenes featuring the legendary actor were wrapped up seamlessly in a single take.

Actor Vishnu Manchu said, “Working with the legendary Brahmanandam in ‘Kannappa’ has been an absolute delight. His genius action skills, perfect timing, and infectious laughter brought an unparalleled energy to the sets. A heartfelt thank you to Brahmanandam sir for gracing our film with his presence, turning every moment into a masterpiece.”

He added, “His impact on ‘Kannappa’ is immeasurable, and the joy he brought to the cast and crew is a treasure we’ll forever cherish. Here’s to a legendary collaboration and a film that’s bound to be etched in the hearts of our audience. Thank you, Brahmanandam sir, for making ‘Kannappa’ an unforgettable journey.”

The film brings to life the awe-inspiring tale of ‘Bhakta Kannappa’, a devoted follower of Lord Shiva, portrayed by Vishnu Manchu himself.

The film was announced at the Srikalahasteeswara temple and the temple holds an important place in the film’s narrative.



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