Brampton adopts ‘Vision Zero’ road safety framework

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Brampton council recently voted in favour of adopting the “Vision Zero” framework, which is aimed at drastically reducing the needless loss of life on roads.

The region adopted the framework for its roads in 2017 with the goal of reducing road deaths by 10 per cent by 2022.

Under Vision Zero framework, Brampton will review the design of the transportation system, its maintenance and need to be forgiving of human error. shared this framework also acknowledges that all parties including pedestrians and drivers using the road system has a responsibility, not just politicians, planners, engineers, transit, police, public health, community organizations and car manufacturers.

According to the report, the Vision Zero framework is based on the concept of accepting human error as a reality and doing everything possible in planning to mitigate it, with the goal of developing and implementing policy and planning to continually improve road safety to “reduce and strive to eliminate motor vehicle collision causing death.”

Peel police reported 36 fatal collisions resulting in 41 deaths in 2018 on Peel Regional Police-patrolled roads in its annual report released mid-June.

As the population of Brampton and the surrounding area increases, traffic congestion is a growing issue and with it come road fatalities and accidents. The adoption of this plan is expected to make a difference and save lives. -CINEWS

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