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Brampton and Mississauga increase per person spend


According to a new report, Brampton has increased per person spending by roughly 15 per cent, and Mississauga, has upped its per person spend by nearly 10 per cent. Toronto on the other hand has been dropping its per person spend really fast and has actually dropped the most.

Toronto’s per-person spending in 2016 was $4,010, roughly $920 more than Vaughan, the second-highest spender on the list, and significantly more than the lowest-spending large municipality, Milton, at $2,385.

This is leading to fear that the quality of public transit and other services could be compromised.

The  shelter system can barely keep up and childcare is getting harder to find.

The report also found Toronto’s revenue dropped over the time period studied by more than three per cent, and despite spending the most per resident in 2016, the city was only fourth-highest in terms of revenue collected per person at $4,476.

A 2019 report from Ryerson University found more than 20 nearby municipalities have higher rates, suggesting Toronto has room to hike average property taxes by around 20 per cent. If one compares property taxes as a percentage of household income, Toronto dropped even further on the researchers’ list which makes it the ranking second-lowest, only above Milton.

The new report comes amid ongoing talks between the city and province as a slew of retroactive funding cuts threaten city services. -CINEWS

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