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Brampton councillor opposes naming park for queen

Brampton council recently voted to name a planned future park Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Park at 200 Lion Head Golf Club Rd. All councillors overwhelmingly decided to support the move at the November 20th meeting except for Harkirat Singh. His was the lone dissenting voice in a 9-1 council vote.

“I can’t support this because from a naming perspective I believe there is very rare opportunities for local citizens,” he told council ahead of the vote. “We have people doing remarkable things locally, and I think when we give it away, whether its prime ministers or the queen, we lose ability to name to name these assets after local people.”

However, Singh tabled a successful motion along with Councillor Dhillon last month to rename part of Peter Robertson Boulevard after the Sikh religion founder Guru Nanak to mark his birth anniversary 550 years ago in Pakistan. Peter Robertson it may be recalled was a local Bramptonian who was mayor from 1991 to 1999 who still lives in the city. Councillor Harkirat Singh probably had people like Peter Robertson in mind when he said he preferred honouring names of city streets and parks after local Bramptonians.

“I am proud our council has moved to celebrate its vast cultural diversity, which includes people from all different religions, backgrounds, and ethnicity,” said Singh in a release following council’s unanimous decision to honour the Guru Nanak with an asset naming on October 23.

The decision to name a future park in honour of the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s reign was made by council under former mayor Susan Fennell in 2012, as the United Kingdom and commonwealth nations celebrated the milestone.

Several Bramptonians were among the 60,000 Canadians who received Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals for their significant contributions to the country and commonwealth.

Most non-Sikh Bramptonians had no reservations about renaming a portion of a road Guru Nanak Street. And many South Asians have absolutely no problem with a park named after Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Park. -CINEWS


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