Brampton Food Guide promotes local eateries

Brampton’s first food guide is now available online! Featuring 54 restaurants and markets, it highlights the city’s “Best Bites” and recommendations from local food influencers, including CBC food and drink writer Suresh Doss, actor and creative director Kiran Rai, and chef Rick Matharu owner of Rick’s Good Eats and winner of ‘Recipe to Riches’.

“As one of Canada’s most diverse communities, the City of Brampton offers a unique culinary experience that is rich in authentic taste with flavours from around the globe, says Mayor Patrick Brown. “Check out our new guide and explore an international cuisine, while safely supporting independent businesses.”

Not only are there many local hidden gems that focus on delivering the tastes of home, there is also a significant number of young talented chefs, drawing on their cultural roots to create innovative dishes, City officials said in a statement announcing the release of the Brampton Food Guide.​​​​​​

Health and nutrition speaker Andria Barrett, founder of BLACK FOODIE an online food platform Eden Hagos and former Team Canada Pastry Chef Royce Li are among those who have shared their local favourites.

King Tandoori, Annalakshmi, Khalsa Pizza, Village of India Sweets, Yarl Dosa Corner and Guddu’s Chilli Chicken are among the eateries that have received special mention.

“Explore our guide and you may find your new local favourite,” says Harkirat Singh, City Councillor, Wards 9 & 10.



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