At its meeting on November 26, Peel Regional Council passed a motion to amend its current 24 seat composition to give Brampton a total of 9 seats from its current 7, and reduce Caledon’s seats to 3 from its current 5. Mississauga’s seat allocation will remain at its current amount of 12.

“Brampton will now have a stronger voice in controlling its own future, and though I would prefer to see all 11 Council members at the Region, I am satisfied with these two additional seats,” said Councillor Dhillon, who has been a strong advocate for fair regional representation since the last term. “We have been underrepresented for decades, and I would like to thank my colleagues at the Region for supporting this move.”

Citing that representation should be by population, Regional Councillor Martin Medeiros introduced the discussion which ultimately led to the amendment, according to a media release from Councillor Dhillon. Currently, Brampton’s population is 650,000 residents and is projected to be at 950,000 by 2041. In contrast, Caledon’s current population is 65,000 residents and will become 150,000 by 2041, the statement noted.

Regional staff will now hold a public meeting at a future date to seek feedback from residents, with the final decision being ratified following at least two of the three municipalities approving it at their respective councils.

The changes in seat allocation will be effective for the October 2022 election term.


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