Brampton home invasion unsettles residents

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Quick response by police but suspects get away

Home invasions are beginning to get ever more common. Anyone could be a victim and that is the fear that can unsettle residents, especially if they stay home alone during the day when neighborhoods are mostly deserted.
On Monday Peel Regional Police reported a home invasion on Meadowcrest Lane in Brampton this afternoon.

No injuries have been reported, but police are in the area searching for suspects, neither is there a description available. It is certain weapons were involved. A possible suspect vehicle has been found by police, but a second getaway vehicle may have been carjacked, according to police.

The residential street is located in the area of Creditview Road north of Bovaird Drive. The home invasion was reported at 3:10 p.m.

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A while later, a report of possible gunshots was made in the area of Mavis Road and Ray Lawson Boulevard, but police can’t say for sure if the two incidents are related.

The thing to know about home invasions is that the most common point of attack is through the front door or garage. Sometimes the home invader will simply kick open the door and confront everyone inside. More common is when the home invaders knock on the door first or ring the bell. The home invader hopes that the occupant will simply open the door, without question, in response to their knock. Unfortunately, many people do just that.
Home invaders will sometimes use a ruse or pretend to be there to service an appliance, or a delivery person, anything to get you to open the door. Once the door is opened for them, the home invaders will use an force and threats to gain control of the home and produce fear in the victims. Once the occupants are under control the robbers will begin to collect your valuables.

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In the event of a home invasion there are many tips to staying safe but nothing beats keeping a cool head, thinking logically and never ever attempting to grapple or find a weapon to attack the home invaders. A physical confrontation could result in the home invaders resorting to a life-threatening response. – CINEWS

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