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Brampton impacted by Toronto gang activity, says Mayor Brown

There is no doubt that there seems to be more gang activity and shootings in Brampton and not all of that is apparently homegrown. Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown recently tweeted that Toronto gang activity was “spilling over” into Peel Region. This observation doesn’t seem to have gone down very well Toronto Mayor John Tory who responded saying that Brown’s tweets were “not very constructive.”

Brown tweeted Monday, September 16 in response to a shooting on Highway 410 that left one man dead and another injured. The tweet read, “I am sick and tired of 416 gang activity spilling over into Peel Region. We still have not received any of the gun and gang funding that Toronto and Ottawa receive. This is yet another reminder that gang activity doesn’t respect postal codes. The province needs to look at bigger picture.”

Tory responded saying that kind of talk is not constructive towards combating gun violence and all the regions need to work together.

“These are tragedies that affect families and neighbourhoods, they happen in different parts of the region. It is a regional problem and it will require a regional solution, in a sense, that all the government’s work together,” said Tory.

He added he is more than happy to help Brampton get the funding they need.

“That’s the approach I would rather take — is working with them and supporting them in their applications to the province and then working together to combat these people who seem to feel free to put guns in their pockets and use them.”

Brown told a news outlet that the lack of eligibility for funding was frustrating.

“Toronto police are eligible for provincial funding for combating gun and gang activity. It is ridiculous that we don’t have eligibility for that same funding in Peel region. If there is a gang activity in Etobicoke, adjacent to Brampton, it will not respect the difference in jurisdiction.”

Regardless whether crime originated in Toronto and spilled over into Brampton or elsewhere is hardly the issue here. Gang violence knows no geography. -CINEWS


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