Brampton issues apology to fired CAO David Barrick

After allegations of wrong doing by a senior staff member of the City of Brampton, David Barrick was relieved of his position as Chief Administrative Officer last year.

But today the City issued an apology “for the unfounded investigations and associated confidentiality and personal privacy breaches he experienced during his tenure”.

“The result of the independent third party investigations exonerated Mr. Barrick” the City said in a statement, adding that it appreciates his unwavering professionalism and fulsome cooperation during those processes.

“The City of Brampton apologizes for the events that occurred leading up to and following Mr. Barrick’s departure from the City and regrets the reputational harm Mr. Barrick has experienced as a result.

“The City would like to reiterate its gratitude to Mr. Barrick for his delivery of unprecedented investments in Brampton, and his leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which time the City was independently recognized by Forbes and Macleans as one of Canada’s Top Employers and Canada’s Best Communities.

“The City would welcome David back in a suitable position but he has decided to engage in other opportunities. As such, the City offers its best wishes for his future success,” the statement read.

Barrick was hired as Brampton’s Chief Administrative Officer in 2019. Several news reports suggest that his previous role in Niagara Region is also shrouded in controversy.



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