Brampton launches aggressive drive to end illegal signs on city property

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Yard and illegal signs advertising all kinds of small businesses can be seen across Brampton and frankly it looks terrible and un-classy.
Despite the City of Brampton removing 26,677 illegal nuisance signs from city property, filing 283 charges and slapping offenders $62,275 in fines under its sign bylaw nothing seems to have deterred fresh signs from defacing the city.
The bylaw enforcement wing of the City of Brampton is not only aggressively pursuing offenders who are habitually defacing city property with illegally advertising material, the city is also going after owners who are neglecting their yards.
City staff are making the rounds taking down the names of the offending companies and individuals along with their telephone numbers. They are undertaking painstaking research to ensure they have adequate information to issue requests for prosecution.
In 2016, Brampton hired two part-time bylaw officers in whose primary job was to unearth all illegal signs and overnight parking infractions, besides the city is also looking at ways to employ technologies to better track offenders. Since the current fines have failed to act as a deterrent to these offenders, the city is requesting higher fines for repeat offenders.
While some business owners have found the fines painful enough not to continue with this sort of behavior, other offenders don’t seem to have any qualms indulging in such behavior even after they’ve been slapped with fines.
The City of Brampton meanwhile is also roping in residents with a plea to report signs to bylaw enforcement when they come across illegal signs. Residents are also advised not to take down illegal signs as that would hamper or negatively affect the subsequent investigations.

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