Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown cleared by city’s integrity commissioner

Brampton’s Integrity Commissioner found that Mayor Patrick Brown did not use municipal staff on the recent CPC leadership campaign and has therefore ended the investigation.

“Accordingly, we found there to be no reasonable grounds to believe that a contravention of ‘another Act’ (Canada Elections Act) occurred. Nor did we obtain evidence to substantiate the allegation that the Mayor contravened the Brampton Code of Conduct by having his staff work on his CPC Leadership campaign on City-paid time. The available City
records show that staff time for the dates they were known to be working on the campaign was recorded either as vacation or lieu time or, in one case, a leave of absence.
There is similarly no evidence which we have seen to indicate that the Mayor compelled any employee to work on the leadership campaign. The evidence obtainable by us, is that in 2019 staff were made aware of the obligation to only work on campaigns during personal (unpaid) time,” Brampton’s Integrity Commissioner said in a statement.

According to Mayor Brown the “false allegations” came from “a bogus story from Rebel Media pushed by Elaine Moore”.

Brown says that “both should apologize to all the City staff they smeared with false allegations”.

“Rebel Media’s obsession with me is based on my history of standing up against their agenda of hate, intolerance and Islamophobia. Their story was motivated by politics and not truth, and the entire investigation was a waste of taxpayer money,” Brown stated.

Principles Integrity reports that the electronic time records for the Mayor’s office staff shows that all of the time worked during normal working hours on the election campaign was recorded as vacation or lieu time or, in one case, a leave of absence (unless the work was done outside normal working hours), a statement from Brown said.



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