Brampton to get Ontario’s first electric-powered fire truck

Brampton City Council has given the green light for an electric fire truck.

“At the City of Brampton, we are working to build an increasingly sustainable community in everything that we do as a Green City. I congratulate Brampton Fire and Emergency Services on their effort to secure Ontario’s first fully electric fire truck. Brampton is a world class city, and we are proud to join others who are working to increase resilience to climate change and lower emissions while keeping our communities safe,” said Mayor Patrick Brown.

The Rosenbauer RT is the first fully electric-powered fire truck available on the market that is able to meet current firefighting standards. Brampton will be the first municipality in Ontario to use an electric-powered front-line emergency response vehicle, joining other world class cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Dubai, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

The truck’s technology will allow Brampton fire crews to generate zero emissions while responding to emergencies, not only during travel, but also while on site. The elimination of emissions onsite protects both the environment and the health and safety of the firefighters on scene by reducing the intake of carcinogens.

Additional features of the fully electric vehicle include the ability to raise and lower ride heights, similar to a passenger bus, allowing for ease of entry into the vehicle. This feature also reduces the reach height for firefighters to access equipment while on site. The ride height can be lowered to 6.8 inches and raised to a height of 18.5 inches, allowing for flood response with no chance of water entering the engine. The new fire truck will help crews to maneuver more efficiently in tight locations and on narrower roads in new subdivisions, and will deploy the latest in ergonomic technologies, improving the health and safety of firefighters.

“The truck has many exciting features, from reducing carcinogens on scene, to the latest in ergonomic technologies, and will help enable us to become a leader in environmental sustainability. We look forward to using it to protect our community,” Brampton Fire Chief Bill Boyes.

The new electric fire truck is planned to be stationed at the new, state-of-the-art Brampton Fire Campus, which is currently under construction. The City will receive the truck in late 2022.



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