Brampton the Flower City has reaffirmed its commitment of planting one million trees by 2040.

The One Million Trees Program is part of the city’s 2040 Vision which was launched five years ago and has seen around 43,000 trees planted annually over that time.

However, in order to meet the million-tree target, council upped that number at its February 19 council meeting to 50,000 trees per year.

Over the last five years, the city and its partners, including conservation authorities, the Region of Peel, school boards and the development industry have planted, on average, 43,000 trees each year in Brampton.

“The One Million Trees Program will plant more trees, particularly along roads, public parks, and other City-owned lands in existing residential neighbourhoods and commercial/industrial lands, to enhance the green canopy and foster the delivery of ecosystem services,” the press release added.

According to the city, more than 50,000 trees lost in public spaces during the 2013 ice storm and Emerald Ash Borer infestation will also be replaced.

City staff are currently developing an Urban Forest Management Plan to aid with inventorying, operations, management and monitoring of the “urban forest”.

A website dedicated to tracking the program’s progress, which residents can contribute to if they plant trees on their own properties, is also in the works. -CINEWS


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