Brampton Transit resumes service to Steeles West Corridor after Amazon facility closure

Brampton Transit service on the Steeles West Corridor resumed this morning. As a result routes 11 Steeles, 51 Hereford and 511 Züm Steeles will return to regular service.

Service was halted last week as 9 bus drivers working on this particular corridor had tested positive for the coronavirus in the past month. The infection was linked to a COVID-19 outbreak at an Amazon facility which was later ordered to close for two weeks.

“Temporarily suspending service to the Steeles West Corridor was an operational decision made by Brampton Transit during the active Peel Public Health investigation out of an abundance of caution,” the City said in a statement. “Working collaboratively with Peel Public Health in conducting a review, service is returning and there continues to be no additional risk to operators, the public or users of transit beyond the general community transmission risks.”

Brampton Transit is working closely with Peel Public Health as they complete their community investigation, the statement added.

Riders are being urged to follow Peel Public Health guidelines with regard to mask wearing and social distancing. Tight-fitting face coverings or non-medical masks are mandatory at terminals and on board buses – exemptions including medical conditions do apply. Face coverings should cover the nose, mouth and chin at all times and riders must avoid lowering masks (including for eating or drinking) unless it is a medical emergency. Physical distance must also be maintained at terminals and at bus stops, even while wearing a mask. Transit users are urged to carry their own personal disinfectant when travelling, such as hand sanitizer or wipes, and above all, refrain from riding transit if they are sick.



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