Bras: Wear it or skip it? Which is the healthier option for breasts?


To wear, or not to wear bras – that seems to be the millennial and gen Z question. More and more women the world over see this piece of underwear as cumbersome and are much more comfortable letting their breasts breathe and be free.

Of course, there are also an equal number who cannot imagine stepping out without a bra, some wear it as a fashion choice too. A few of them are so used to bras they need to wear them indoors too.

The ones who wear bras throughout the day and at night too, do so, because they may have heard that not wearing a bra for long can lead to sagging of breasts and make their breast change shape.

Is that true? Or is that another myth? Let’s find out:

As per health experts, wearing or not wearing a bra is an individual choice. It can even be called a fashion statement as it has no impact on breast health. Some people choose to wear a bra because they feel it defines the shape of their breasts and with the right wiring make it look perky.

Of course, if you are large breasted then wearing a bra becomes a necessity when playing sports or when doing some workout. It can be very uncomfortable to run, or dance or do any kind of physical activity without a bra.

The important thing is, contrary to popular belief, not wearing a bra will not cause breasts to sag. Breasts sag over time for a variety of reasons and the lack of wearing a bra is not one of them.

Similarly, for those who believe that wearing underwired bras or constricting ones will give you cancer, rest assured, you cannot get a life-threatening disease simply because you added cleavage with the help of underwires.

When does a bra become necessary? If you are endowed with a cup size that’s C or D, then you might need to wear a bra occasionally because the weight of the breasts and the posture you adopt to support it (without a bra) can cause a strain to your back muscles. In such cases, if you still wish to be unencumbered, look for clothes that come with in-seam breast support or soft non padded support bras.

While you can ditch it entirely, or wear it all the time – it’s entirely your personal choice; for those who wear it 24×7, try taking it off at bedtime as your breasts also need a little breathing room. If they are too large and therefore uncomfortable to sleep in, you can ditch the bra for an hour or so during the day when you are at home.

Bottomline is, wear it or skip it – it’s one hundred percent your choice and science supports it either way!


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