Bravo, Karn most fashionable players in CSK: Chahar


Chennai Super Kings (CSK) pace bowler Deepak Chahar said on Wednesday that he is not the one who would want to make too much fuss about clothes and would prefer wearing something that looks good on him, rather than going for expensive outfits.

Chahar “cherry-picked the answers” thrown at him in his own “short, sweet and stylish” manner in a video posted by CSK, the 28-year-old Agra-born player said, “It’s not about wearing expensive clothes, it’s about what looks good on you. It might be cheap — it might be a T-shirt costing just Rs 100, but it might look good on you. So, one need not go after (expensive) brands.

“I don’t wear expensive stuff. I only wear what I like and what looks good on me,” added Chahar.

Terming Dwayne Bravo and Karn Sharma the most “fashionable” players in the CSK squad, he said “they do like wearing fancy clothes”.

On whether he liked a clean-shaven or a bearded look, the 28-year=old, who has 80 T20 and 14 T20I wickets, said, “I prefer something in between,” adding that for him, it would always be natural hair over dyed hair.

Asked how he got his nickname ‘Cherry’, the CSK bowler said: “There is a story behind this. When I made my first-class debut, I was only 17-and-a-half and all the others in the team were very senior to me…so when you cheer a bowler, you generally take his name. In my case, it was either Deepak or Chahar, which took very long to pronounce… like shabash (congratulations) Chahar or shabash (Deepak).

“One of our wicket-keepers, Rohit Jalani, started calling me ‘Cherry’ as it was easy to pronounce. Since that day, I suppose in 2009, the nickname has stuck,” added Chahar.

Chahar said his best childhood memory was the day “I decided to play cricket”.

Deepak’s cousin Rahul played a key role in Mumbai Indians defending a small total against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) on Tuesday.