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Brazen snatcher swallows stolen earrings, held

In a bizarre occurrence, a snatcher, caught by a determined woman whose earrings he had pulled off in east Delhi, swallowed the stolen jewellery in a bid to cover up his crime, police said on Saturday.

The incident was reported from Brahmpuri area at around 10 p.m. on Thursday.

The official said that the accused identified as Nasir, a resident of Old Mustafabad, was arrested and further action is being taken to recover the earrings.

According to police, Phoolan Devi, a resident of Brahampuri, was returning home from the Pushta when an unidentified person on a motorcycle approached her from behind.

“Suddenly, he forcefully pulled off her gold earrings, weighing approximately four grams, from her ears,” a senior police official said.

Determined not to let the culprit escape, Phoolan Devi bravely attempted to apprehend the accused. “However, Nasir resorted to desperate measures to avoid capture. He even snatched her purse and made an attempt to flee the scene,” said the official.

With the assistance of some bystanders, she managed to maintain her grip the snatcher and bring him down from his motorcycle. However, Nasir, in a brazen act, swallowed the stolen gold earrings right in front of her eyes.



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