Brazil’s Supreme Court upholds move to ban fake news

Brazil’s Supreme Court has voted to uphold a decision by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to fast-track the removal of fake news from social media in the run-up to the presidential run-off.

In its ruling on Tuesday, the apex court dismissed a request filed on Sunday by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to suspend parts of the TSE’s resolution, citing the risk of censorship, reports Xinhua news agency.

Six judges voted in favour of the decision, a sufficient majority to uphold the measure, while other supreme court members still have until midnight to submit their votes.

TSE’s resolution grants it the power to order websites to remove content considered to be fake news within two hours.

Starting Saturday, the day before the October 30 runoff, fake news must be removed within an hour.

The TSE can also suspend channels that repeatedly publish fake news.




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