Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada crowned as 26th Maharaja of Bundi


National Security Guard commander Brigadier Bhupesh Singh Hada was crowned as the 26th Maharaja of the erstwhile princely realm Bundi in Rajasthan.

Hada ritually worshiped Goddess Raktdantika before his coronation. After the death of Maharaj Kumar Ranjit Singh, the position of ruler was lying vacant for 12 years.

The new Maharaja, a recipient of several service medals, was warmly welcomed by the people of the city by showering flowers.

Hada, who became the new Maharaja of Bundi on Sunday, came out on the main road of the city in an open car to express gratitude to the people of the city after offering prayers at Rangnath and Charbhujanath temples.

He garlanded the statue of the 24th Rao Raja Colonel Bahadur Singh and took his blessings. Later, Hada’s sister welcomed him by performing “aarti”.

Since the death of 25th Rao Raja Ranjit Singh, there was no king for Bundi as he had no successor.

The people from Rajput society formed the Pag Committee, which, with the consent of 108 out of total 118 former Jagirdars and Thikanedars, had decided to tie the pag on December 4 by selecting Brigadier Hada as the 26th Rao Raja of Bundi.

He was crowned in the Pag ceremony at Maa Raktdantika temple located in Sattur village on the Kota-Jaipur road.

Meanwhile, the family of the hereditary heir led by Balbhadra Singh opposed the coronation of Hada. Singh said that since the last Raja Bahadur Singh was his brother from the Kapren royal family and was adopted by the then Raja of Bundi, Ishwari Singh, his son Vanshvardhan Singh is the heir to the royal post.



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