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Bring all the persecuted to Canada

My heart goes out to the innocent Sikhs who lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Kabul by ISIS terrorists. Looks like the ISIS thugs are still kicking around. I agree with Regional Councillor Gurpreet Singh Dhillon that the victims’ families should be given refuge in Canada. Even though India has enacted the CAA legislation giving automatic citizenship to Sikhs and Hindus who want to relocate to India from Afghanistan, it is understandably not a good decision for them because of the odious environment the Narendra Modi government has created there. To stay in Afghanistan or to move to India is Sophie’s choice for them. As such, they deserve the opportunity of a secure and productive life in Canada.
Having said the above, I would also urge the Canadian government to consider the plight of Muslim sectarian minorities in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as of the Muslim minority in northern India who have been suffering under oppression from hate and discrimination. In Afghanistan, it is the Taliban and ISIS who have periodically bombed places of worship and killed minorities by the thousands. In Pakistan, it is the Islamist fanatics who have a track record of bombings and targeted killings of Shias, Barelvis, Ismailis and Qadianis. In India, it is the Hindutva fanatics who are bent upon resuming the kind of massacre that occurred in Ahmedabad when Modi was Chief Minister. The world is sick and tired of religious extremism and the violence it engenders.
I would urge the Canadian government to draw up a comprehensive long-term plan to combat extremism and hate on the world stage. For those religious or ethnic minorities that are severely handicapped by oppression, it should have a separate secondary plan to give them refuge expeditiously in this generous country of ours regardless of whether they are Sikhs, Hindus or Muslims.

Amir Ali- Mississauga

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