British business tycoon to help young people get hired

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London, May 25 (IANS) Millionaire businessman tycoon Lord Alan Sugar has been hired as the British government’s new enterprise tsar who will campaign to encourage more young people to start their own businesses.

The successful entrepreneur, who left school at 16, hosts the popular Apprentice programme on British television, based on the format of a similar show in the US hosted by Republican hopeful Donald Trump, Xinhua news agency reported.

Sugar’s cutting “You’re Fired” line has become a familiar catchphrase in Britain, as one by one the rival apprentices in his programme are dispatched.

Now Sugar will champion enterprise across the country by undertaking road-shows to highlight advantages for young people in starting businesses or becoming apprentices.

“Lord Sugar’s record in business makes him ideally suited to lead the campaign,” said a spokesman for the country’s department for business, skills and innovation.

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As well as championing enterprise and apprenticeships among young people, Sugar will also encourage more businesses to hire apprentices.

Sugar made his fortune building up two successful computer firms, Amstrad and Viglen.

Sugar said: “I’m delighted to be taking on this challenge. I built successful businesses with the support of hundreds of talented young people who learned their skills on the job; exactly the kinds of skills you learn in an apprenticeship. But not enough of our young people know about apprenticeships and what they offer, and too few feel empowered to set up their own business.”

Sugar’s role will be to help the government deliver three million apprenticeship in England by 2020.

The government has already announced the introduction of an apprenticeship levy to increase the quality and quantity of apprenticeships in England. As well, an employer-led Institute for Apprenticeships will launch next year to this aim.

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