British nurse meets UP man on social media, marries him

She is a nurse in Britain and he is a sales manager in a private firm in Agra.

They met on the social media, exchanged views in the pandemic and, on Monday, got married in a simple ceremony in Bamroli Katara village here.

Hannah Hewitt married Palendra Singh, who had started his podcast during the first wave of Covid. She had come into contact with him through the podcasts.

They began discussing their likes and dislikes, and facts about their respective cultures, and soon, they exchanged email and telegram IDs and then decided to get married as soon as the Covid crisis was over.

Hannah, talking to reporters after the wedding, said that she would try to mould herself into the Indian lifestyle and also learn Hindi.

Palendra Singh’s father is a farmer, while his brother works in Poland.

Unlike other foreign nationals, Hannah did not choose to marry against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal but opted for a village wedding.




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