Britt Ekland dismisses ‘female Bond’ suggestions


Actress Britt Ekland, who played Bond girl Mary Goodnight in the 1974 film “The Man with the Golden Gun” starring late Sir Roger Moore as 007, hinted that the legendary suave spy could “absolutely not” be a woman “because he is single”.

In an interview on ‘Loose Women’, Ekland said: “Bond is a bachelor and will always be a bachelor. Do you know what the female word for bachelor is? Old maid.”

However, the Swedish actress, who attended the world premiere of Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007, “No Time To Die”, in London, said she has now ditched the term Bond girls and uses Bond women to refer to the female characters in the long-running film series, reports

Britt said: “I have always maintained that it has to be a Bond girl but I’ve changed my mind. Last night, the Bond women were just that and they were incredible. They were quick, fast, great actresses. Very physical. They never showed their bodies and they were just great Bond women.”

The star did maintain that the legendary spy has to be played by a man as it wouldn’t be true to Sir Ian Fleming’s creation otherwise.

Ekland said: “It’s written as a man. It’s a British male institution. We can’t change that.

“We don’t need to change that. There are plenty of roles for women have to be physical but Bond has to be Bond.”

She also praised Craig for “loosening up” in his last appearance as the character.

Ekland said: “He’s finally loosened up. He was humourous. There were quick one-liners. He was cheeky… very desirable.”