BRO extends access to Zojila that links Ladakh with India


The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has extended access of the formidable Zojila at an altitude of 11,649 feet, that links the union territory of Ladakh with the rest of the country and remaining open beyond December 31.

The BRO achieved this feat through its frontline Projects — Vijayak and Beacon, which are collectively responsible for maintaining the axis that has strategic implications, in addition to the socio-economic well-being of Ladakh, the Ministry of Defence said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Last year, the same was extended till December 31, the BRO silently but surely embarked on the journey to better its own record by re-organising, and adding a few more snow clearance detachments and augmenting them with the state-of-the-art snow clearance equipment.

The results of the planning and efforts are for all to see, having achieved the feat which hitherto was considered impossible by many, it added.

“Ladakh UT administration and the locals lauded the efforts that this additional window reduces the logistic burden on the UT administration and helps the local inhabitants to stock additional rations and supplies to brave the impending harsh winters,” the statement has claimed.

In the first three days of 2022, about 178 vehicles have been able to transit through the pass by the collective assistance of the BRO and the police personnel.

The numbers are considered significant because with the temperatures plummeting to minus 20 degree centigrade, the road is subject to extreme frosting with blizzard like conditions, which can lead to accidents.

“Thus, besides snow clearance, the axis is subjected to maintenance on a daily basis to keep it road worthy, which is achieved by the relentless and selfless efforts of the Karamyogis of BRO,” it added.



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