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Bruce Springsteen opens up on first marriage, says he dealt with separation ‘abysmally’

Legendary American rock musician Bruce Springsteen took the stage at Hyde Park as he celebrated over 32 years of his marriage to Patti Scialfa this year, recently. However, despite their long marriage, the musician’s relationship got off to a rocky start.

Talking about the end of his first marriage in his memoir ‘Born To Run’, Springsteen said that he dealt with the separation “abysmally”.

According to Daily Express, he confessed that as he rose to fame in the early 1980s, he enjoyed years of “merry psychosexual carnage” on the road, but just after his iconic ‘Born to Run tour, the singer settled down.

Springsteen married aspiring actress Julianne Phillips after seven months of dating and although his fans believed that Phillips would adapt to his rockstar life, Springsteen gave a completely different story in his memoir.

He wrote: “There was a part of me, a significant part, that was capable of great carelessness and emotional cruelty. That wanted to wound and hurt and make sure those who loved me paid for it.”’

Phillips was a decade younger than Springsteen. The rockstar had described her as a “talented, beautiful and charming young woman”, but right after the wedding he began experiencing severe anxiety attacks.

Springsteen, who was 35 at the time, recalled feeling “scared” but had tried to “keep a lid on it” to avoid worrying Julianne.

Reflecting on his first marriage, the singer now knows he convinced himself of many false issues in their relationship, as he recalled sitting at dinner in a Los Angeles restaurant one night, “As we politely chatted by candlelight, hand in hand, a part of me tried to convince myself she was simply using me to further her career or to get something.”



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