BSES’ Independence Day advisory on kite flying near power installations

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New Delhi, Aug 8 (IANS) In view of the mass kite flying tradition on Independence Day in the national capital, BSES, one of Delhi’s two electricity distribution companies (discoms), issued an advisory on Tuesday cautioning people against flying kites near electrical installations as metal coated kite strings can cause trippings and electrocutions.

In an “Independence Day advisory”, BSES said the widespread use of metal coated “manjha”, or kite string, “poses a great danger not only to the person flying the kite, but also poses a risk to the electricity supply of an area. Each year, there are several instances on both counts.”

“Even though disrupting power supply and causing damage to power equipment is punishable under the Electricity Act and the Delhi Police Act, there seems to be little consideration shown for the law as well as power supply.”

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Noting that tripping of a single 33/66 KV line can disrupt power supply to over 10,000 consumers, BSES said that areas under its jurisdiction in Delhi witnessed 28 instances of kite flying-related trippings last year.

“Elders and parents are requested to inform and counsel children not to enter prohibited/barricaded electrical installations to retrieve kites because life is more precious than a mere 10-20 rupee kite. Any carelessness can lead to a major power failure, blackout and even electrocutions,” the discom said.

It also said that residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) are being informed to caution members about the dangers of flying kites near electricity installations and using metal-coated “manjha”.



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