Bulgarian PM Borisov formally resigns

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Thursday resigned from his coalition government, as expected, after the parliamentary election earlier this month.

The announcement was made by the Interim President of the newly elected Parliament, Mika Saykova, during the first session, dpa news agency reported.

The resignation of the nationalist government, which has been in office since 2017, was to be routinely approved by MPs.

Thousands of protesters had demanded his resignation over corruption allegations during summer protests in 2020.

In the election on April 4, Borisov’s pro-European populist GERB party had again become the strongest party in the European Union and NATO member state with 26 per cent of the vote, but fell short of a majority in parliament.

Three protest parties also entered the new parliament, making a total of six political forces.

The new Parliament in Sofia met on Thursday for its constituent session.

The election of a Parliamentary Speaker is likely to give an indication of the new majority that is emerging.