Bulldozer only for mafia, not for poor, says Yogi


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Friday, has directed officials to ensure that bulldozers are not used to demolish shops and the hutments of the poor.

While reiterating his government’s resolve of zero tolerance toward crime and criminals, the chief minister underlined the need of being sensitive to the poor, marginalised and downtrodden.

He said that this has been the basic mantra of his government and the same shall be followed in the second innings too. He added that while, on one hand, welfare schemes for the poor are being implemented, the state government was leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the criminals are reined in.

The government spokesman said that the impact of the government can be seen from the fact that in the last fortnight alone, around 80 criminals have surrendered before the police.

Fear of the bulldozer is also writ large on the mafia and illegal squatters.

Adityanath has given strict instructions to the officers that the action of demolition of illegal properties by bulldozers should be done only on the professional mafia, criminals, and bulldozers should not be directed on any poor person.

He said that this action should be taken against the illegal property of the mafia.



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