Burglars’ gang led by woman busted in Delhi

A gang of burglars led by a woman has been busted in South West Delhi who used to target locked houses.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southwest) Manoj C said that the accused have been identified as Dharmender, Bablu and Laxmi.

Laxmi used to do the recce to identify the locked flats to commit burglary.

They used to come in a car. Laxmi would identify the locked house in the guise of a maid whereas the others would wait for her in the car. Later they would commit the burglary.

One gold necklace, two pairs of earrings, one car and house breaking tools were recovered from their possession.

“Recently southwest district saw a huge jump in burglary cases. To bust the gang a team of officials was formed. The team examined the CCTV footage and learnt that it was a woman who was among the thieves,” the police said.

The police were able to identify the accused as their faces were clearly visible in the footage. They mounted technical surveillance and learnt that the accused were from Noida.

“We got a tip off about the accused and a trap was laid. The accused were caught when they were planning to commit another robbery. They used to come in a car. The woman would roam in the area to identify the locked house. Later, the male accused would break open the door,” the police said.

They used to sell the stolen articles to a Moradabad based jeweller identified as Amrish. Laxmi was known to the jeweller.

“Accused Bablu was found involved in more than three dozen cases, Laxmi and Dharmender in around ten,” the police said.




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