Burma Burma Pantry Brings a Melting Pot of Flavours


New Delhi, April 24 (IANSlife) Burma Burma Pantry is an extension of a treasured Burmese culinary heritage that brings the authentic tastes and flavours of Burma to your kitchen and table.

Co-founder Ankit Gupta envisions Burma Burma to be more than just a restaurant, with the goal of providing customers with a wholesome and innovative dining experience. Burma Burma was inspired by his mother, Urmila Gupta, to reflect a history inspired by surrounding countries and ancient traditions. The brand has grown from strength to strength, winning numerous awards and establishing a presence in six cities.

The ‘Burma Burma Pantry’ was inspired by Gupta’s Burmese condiment fridge long before the restaurant opened.

Ankit and his team used to make sauces and pastes on the spot at food stalls to create Burmese delicacies. The pantry offers a plethora of options for adding spice and flavour to your daily meals, including signature toppings, delectable snacks, exquisite spice mixes, pastes, sauces, dressings, and exotic teas. Every offering is inspired by Ankit’s mother’s kitchen and is meant to be a journey from one home kitchen to the next.

Chef Ansab Khan has first-hand experience travelling the length and breadth of Burma, which translates into the authenticity of the restaurant’s dishes. This culinary knowledge, as well as requests from loyal customers, prompted him to launch nine exclusive Pantry products.

The duo’s vision is to make these Burmese staples popular in Indian kitchens. Chef-made pastes, sauces, condiments, and spice mixes are available online, allowing people to enjoy their daily cooking while also falling in love with Burma’s culinary delights and experimenting with their Laphets and Khowsueys.

“Our patrons have embraced Burma Burma’s food, and everyone has their favourites on the menu. The idea of Pantry is to make these favourites & more, a staple in Indian households. Therefore, we decided to launch exclusive products that include ingredients from Burma. We bottle our preparations so that you can make Burmese dishes at home easily.” – says Head Chef Ansab Khan.

The Burma Burma Pantry currently stocks nine exclusive products, including Khowsuey Curry Paste, Malar, an all-purpose Burmese Sauce, Plain Laphet, a Burmese Tea Leaf dressing, and a Spicy Laphet. There are Lotus Stem Chips, Balachaung, a topping for noodles, rice, or salads, and a Crunchy Nut Mix.

Another exciting aspect of the pantry is the collection of fine teas. Since the introduction of the pantry line, the brand has already realised a massive untapped market potential, with sales increasing by an average of 150 percent month on month.

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