Buzz on social media that Pak nationals waging war against Afghanistan

Social media is abuzz with reports of 50 Pakistanis who went to fight as part of Taliban and have been killed.

“Lists of people who went to fight Afghan army and were killed in the last few months. All are Pakistani nationals and there is no Afghan refugee. Yes Mr. @ImranKhanPTI, Pakistan is not a sanctuary, Pakistan is waging this war by itself against Afghanistan. #SayNoToTerrorism,” said Sohail Noor Khan in a tweet.

Khan has pointed out that Pakistani nationals are fighting the Afghan army and Pakistan is waging a war against Afghnaistan.

Khan added in another tweet a madrassa head in Peshawar is given 10 commandos for his security and this man is goading youngsters to carry out terrorism in Afghanistan.

“The man dressed in white is not a scientist or a politician but the superintendent of a madrassa in Peshawar’s Taj Bazaar, named Rahimullah Haqqani, which encourages the Taliban to carry out terrorism in Afghanistan. Pakistan has given him 10 commandos his his security.”

In another tweet, he said that Taliban are amassing its new fighters near Durand line.

“They’re waiting for the authorisation from Pakistani military to open secret doors in the fences. These new fighters will reinforced the Taliban in front line,” Khan said.