Cabinet approves renaming of Itanagar airport

The Union Cabinet has approved a resolution to rename Itanagar’s Hollongi Airport as the Donyi Polo Airport.

The resolution was passed by the Arunachal Pradesh government to rename the airport, which reflect the people’s reverence of the sun (‘Donyi’) and the moon (‘Polo’) to symbolize the traditions and rich cultural heritage of the State.

The Centre had granted the ‘in-principle’ approval for development of Hollongi Greenfield Airport in January 2019.

The project is being developed by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) with the help of the Centre and the government of Arunachal Pradesh at a cost of Rs 646 crore.

With an area of 4,100 sq.m, the terminal building of the airport will be able to handle 200 passengers during peak hours.

Equipped with eight check-in counters, the building will have all modern passenger facilities.




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