Caller on BBC show abuses PM Modi’s mother


In a shocking incident, a caller on a BBC show used derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his mother, sparking an outrage in India. The BBC later apologised later.

The incident happened on March 1 during BBC Asian Network’s ‘Big Debate’. Much of the discussion centred around the racial discrimination faced by the Sikhs and Indians in the UK.

EastEnders is a famous British soap opera on air since 1985.

During the show, host Pria Rai and a Sikh lawyer — Harjap Bhangal — were discussing a storyline from the soap opera in which a Sikh character’s turban is referred to as a “crown”.

As the show opened up for calls from viewers, the conversation veered towards the ongoing farmers’ protest in India. During the discussion, a listener identified as Simon called in and began an angry rant.

After he was interrupted by the host, the caller used expletives and derogatory language for Modi’s mother.

The incident sparked an outrage in India on Wednesday and netizens criticised the BBC. Also, #BoycottBBC was trending on Twitter.

Following massive outrage, the recorded version of the three-hour podcast was edited to remove them. The version now available online also features an apology from Rai.

“Before we carry on though, we just like to apologise again for some of the offensive language that was used by guests on the show earlier. It’s a live show and we discuss controversial issues often,” the host said.

“But there was no reason for the type of language that was used and I’d like to say sorry again for any offence that was caused,” she added. –IANS