Calm weather in Delhi, rain likely

The residents of the national capital on Friday woke up to calm weather with the day to proceed under a cloudy sky, as per an update by the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

The IMD has forecast a generally cloudy sky for the day, with the maximum temperature likely to hover around 35 degrees Celsius and the minimum at 26.5 degrees Celsius.

“There is a possibility of light rain or thundershowers after noon or in the evening,” an IMD official said.

According to the weather agency update at 8.30 a.m., the temperature was recorded at 29 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of 80 per cent. The city observed sunrise at 6.14 a.m. and the sun is likely to set at 6.07 p.m.

System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR) said the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the national capital was ‘satisfactory’ level with PM10 at 96 and PM2.5 at 40. The ‘satisfactory’ level of advisory means that no cautionary action is required. SAFAR forecast a moderate advisory for Saturday with PM10 to likely be at 135.

Regular precipitation is the most likely cause of improved air quality in the capital.

In September this year with 18 days of light to heavy showers, Delhi has recorded 413.3 mm rainfall in a month; just shy of 417.3 mm record set in September 1944.

In the past 24 hours, the maximum temperature was recorded at 35.2 degrees Celsius, a notch below normal and the minimum was at 26.4 degrees Celsius, three notches below normal.